14g Threaded Bead

14g Threaded Bead

  • $7.00

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This implant grade stainless steel bead is the perfect replacement for a missing end. Be aware of the gauge size of your jewelry as that can affect the fit of the bead. 

Most appropriate wearing places for this end include: nipple, bridge, industrial, philtrum, conch, and more!

Buy Two for a pair.

Gems and posts are sold separately! 

Please note: This piece is threaded, and requires a special threaded post to be able to be worn in your piercing site.
Disclaimer: 3mm gems are more suitable for well healed piercings; due to the small size, there is an increased chance of embedding if a piercing is still healing. Our suggestion is a 4mm gem for piercings under a year old. 
*Any jewelry returns need to be in an unopened pre-sterilized package. We will not be able to accept any returns which the package has been breached.*

All of the jewelry has a lifetime guarantee on the manufacturing. If any of the parts are to somehow become broken, not lost, we are able to get the piece fixed for the entire life of the jewelry.