Threadless Posts (Barbells, Flatbacks & Labret Posts)

These implant grade titanium threadless posts can be inserted into your piercing site in order to wear our threadless ends. They come in sizes between 18g through 12g and vary in size from 3/16"-7/16". Please be aware of the sizing difference when ordering.

This post is required to wear any of our threadless pieces of jewlery.
If you do not already have a post to insert the end into, please consider purchasing one.

The gauge and length of the piece is very important. If you do not know the gauge and length of the barbell you need, please come in for an in person consultation to have a piece appropriately sized for your anatomy. 

*Please note this jewelry is final sale and is non-refundable/exchangeable if the piece does not fit your anatomy properly, or is not to your expectations.*