10g Joint Circular-Captive Bead Ring

  • $60.00

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This is an implant grade stainless steel joint circular barbell and captive bead ring. Both beads have internal threading, while one is also a captive bead ring which can be popped out then resecured as a regular captive bead. 

Both rings are 10g. The circular barbell measures at a 9/16" and captive bead ring is 5/8" in diameter. 

Buy Two for a pair.

The circular ring and 2 threaded beads makes 1 full piece. Any extra beads or rings are sold separately. 

Please note: This piece is threaded.

*Please note any jewelry returns need to be in an unopened pre-sterilized package. We will not be able to accept any returns which the package has been breached.*

All of the jewelry has a lifetime guarantee on the manufacturing. If any of the parts are to somehow become broken, not lost, we are able to get the piece fixed for the entire life of the jewelry.

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