Retainers are commonly used as placeholders for your day to day body jewelry in the cases where metal body jewelry is required to be taken out for MRI's, surgeries, or sports. While all of our jewelry is implant grade and is the same material as hip replacements, bone screws, and collarbone rods, thus MRI safe, we provide a variety of options for you. 

  • Great for: Ear lobe, ear cartilage, conch, daith, septum, nostril, rook, and more. 
  • Sold per one. 
  • ***Please note: Retainers are not intended for long term wear! Nor are they for unhealed piercings.***
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee. If a part of the jewelry snaps or breaks, gem stones fall out of its setting, or threading strips, please bring your piece back to Piercology for us to give you a free replacement or send it out to be repaired. Losing any part of your jewelry is not included in the lifetime guarantee, so please make sure you are aware of how your jewelry is assembled and checked daily to remain secure.
  • Return Policy: Returns or exchanges are limited to unworn pieces purchased on shopify only.