Neilmed® Fine Mist Wound Wash (6oz.)

Neilmed® Fine Mist Wound Wash (6oz.)

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 NeilMed® NeilCleanse Piercing Aftercare Spray-The fine mist application allows users to spray saline solution directly onto their piercing rather than having to soak their piercing in a saline bath or use a cotton ball to apply the saline solution. This creates a more sterile application process and offers a cleaning solution that makes it easy to clean surface piercings like cartilage piercings.

* Provides a fine mist spray
* It will not dry or affect surrounding tissue, as alcohol and peroxide can
* It remains sterile for the life of the can
* It will never clog and sprays in all directions, EVEN upside down

For aftercare instructions on use, please visit:

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